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We constantly generate useful content for operators, investors, gambling employees, and all the other members of the iGaming community. This time we would like to share a little bit about ourselves and what you can expect from working with us. Read on to find out what Slotegrator has to offer, how to get started working with us, and how long it takes to get a ready-made solution.

Slotegrator is a growing team of over 200 experienced professionals with intimate knowledge of the iGaming industry, including jurisdictions and legal framework, technical aspects, latest trends, development process, player demand, and marketing.

But despite all our insider knowledge and experience, we can’t bring players to your online casino or betting platform; your success is ultimately in your own hands. What we can do is to give you all the necessary tools to do it yourself. In this article, we’ll cover all the components you need to launch a successful gambling project.


The fastest launch and the easiest operation are ensured by two solutions from Slotegrator: Turnkey and White Label. These two are operator’s best bet to set themselves up for success, and here’s why.


Our Turnkey Casino is a complex platform software that allows operators to start their own online casino from scratch quickly — it only takes months or less to launch a ready-to-use platform. In addition to developing a high-functioning platform, our team is available for maintenance once you’re in business.

Slotegrator’s team of talented and experienced developers includes everything your online casino and/or sportsbook needs. The turnkey platform includes a fully customizable and flexible frontend, a unified API enabling integration of all possible games, payment solutions, and any additional software, reporting tools to facilitate business management, and a bonus module making it possible to promote the casino.

This solution is a perfect choice for beginning operators who don’t have time and resources to learn by trial and error and want to launch their gambling business in the fastest, safest way possible.

White Label

Our White Label Casino is aimed at experienced operators who would like to get not only a ready-to-use platform but the whole business, ready for launch and growth. Besides the technical solution, exclusive design, API for gaming content and sport data feed integration, and bonus module, our White Label Casino provides another critical feature: operation under Slotegrator’s business structure and Curacao sublicense.

This basically means that the White Label solution includes everything from the Turnkey does but adds a business structure, a sublicense, and a B2C support — just take it and start running.

Why is this solution for experienced operators? Since we offer operation under our business structure and sublicense, we want to ensure our reputation is protected. As new operators have a higher risk attached, experienced operators are a safer bet for us.

How to get a platform from Slotegrator

Time is money, isn’t it? We polished the whole process and made it as quick as possible so that operators can start running their online casino or a sportsbook in three months or less. The procedure is simple:

  1. Slotegrator provides a free consultation where operators can discuss their iGaming business and ask questions regarding all the processes.
  2. Then, if the operator is interested or would like to proceed by checking out the demo version of a platform, both parties sign an NDA agreement — this is how we make sure the details of our proprietary technology stay confidential.
  3. Once the NDA is signed, it’s time to make a brief. The operator fills out a detailed form to outline what exactly is needed: how the website should look like, what games are expected to be there, what kind of payment methods are preferred, etc.
  4. The Slotegrator team evaluates the project and prepares a final offer with the terms — usually no longer than three months.
  5. When everything is discussed and approved, the operator signs a contract with Slotegrator, and development starts.
  6. Once the platform is developed, it is handed over to the operator, and the business is ready to be launched.
  7. The Slotegrator account management team always stays in touch.

For operators wishing to extend their offer and cover a bigger audience of players, we have additional products: Sportegrator and Telegram casino.

Sportsbook: Sportegrator

Sportegrator is our complex sportsbook solution that provides not only platform software, payment systems, CRM and CMS systems, but also data feeds with a wide choice of sports, bets, and odds, including virtual and esports — another product allowing operators to start running their project in weeks.

The data feeds we offer are suitable for any sportsbook project. They support a variety of real and virtual sports and offer detailed statistics on every event, unlimited betting on events worldwide, well-calculated odds, and different types of bets (handicaps, totals, live betting, etc.).

Mobile casino: Telegram Casino

Our bestseller and the most discussed solution of 2021 and 2022 — Telegram Casino — facilitates acquisition of a new player segment and adds a user-friendly alternative to a classic online casino.

Telegram is a messenger app with worldwide popularity. But what’s more important is that it is so easy and quick to use that users started to migrate their whole life there: news, work, and entertainment. This channel and all the data there are very secure due to a special method of encryption, and the app’s bots enable almost any feature of online casinos from registration to win withdrawal to function smoothly in the app.

The solution synchronizes with the traditional online casino platform and includes all the same payment methods, authorization steps, game selection, and bonuses.

Game selection

A varied and substantial game selection is important for an online casino. Game integration is included in the complex platform solutions, but it is also possible to add them on an already existing online casino. APIgrator is able to integrate any of over 5,000 available games from our 75 partners into online casino platforms within just one day. A single integration session includes bonuses, tournaments, jackpots, updated content for both desktop and mobile devices.


Aside from gaming content, operators often struggle with payment systems. There are plenty of providers and tons of payment methods, but choosing the right ones might be tricky. Everything has to be considered: market demand, player segment, jurisdiction regulation, technical parameters.

Slotegrator offers a complex solution, Moneygrator, that aggregates more than 250 payment methods and a variety of services, supporting many different currencies. This solution is now available in the following regions: India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Europe, Russia, CIS, Latin America.


Once the platform is built and filled with content, it’s time to build brand recognition. There are various marketing tools available, depending on regulations; working with affiliates is one of the most effective ones.

Partnergrator is a business intelligence solution that helps track, analyze, and manage affiliate programs and offers detailed reporting. It allows operators to create banners and campaigns, manage events, and set customizable bonuses and cashback. Partnergrator is fast to integrate and easy to manage. Slotegrator provides operators with 24/7 support.

Legal operation

Last but not least: all these solutions will only work in a long-term perspective if they are a part of a legal and stable business project. That is why we offer legal consultations and help operators choose a jurisdiction, acquire a license, and understand market specifics. You shouldn’t worry about the licensing process: our legal specialists will go through it with you step by step.

Nikolaj Plugatar
Nikolaj Plugatar
Business Development Manager
Nikolaj started at Slotegrator in 2018 as a Sales Manager and became a Business Development Manager in 2022. Nikolaj is passionate about the iGaming industry — he is an expert in gambling markets and modern technologies and trends in development. He shares his knowledge about the most in-demand products and solutions on the market today and steers the gambling community in the direction of growth.

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