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LuckyStreak interview

June 7, 2016
3 min

Where did the name LuckyStreak come from?

We were in the process of creating the company and went to a casino after a conference. We had been winning (and drinking) all night, to a certain point where one casino employee looked at us astonished and shouted to us "you're on a lucky streak!".

What kind of innovations is LuckyStreak bringing into Live Casino?

We tailor the experience to the player - we allow the users to design their experience based on their preferences. When a new player logs in to our games, we make an effort to mimic their habits in order to best tailor their next live casino experience. For example, if a certain player only plays VIP blackjack, then the first tables to appear in the lobby will be high limit black jack table.

Keeping the player close - we encourage the player to take an active role and voice their opinion of the game by allowing them to rate the dealer from a scale of 1-5, similar to uber or Airbnb. The players in return feel that they have contributed to the brand, and feel closer to the product and the added value is that we get relevant information about the dealer's abilities.

We engage the player - LuckyStreak’s dealers are trained and encouraged to engage the users while still preserving a classy casino environment. We offer our staff acting classes to improve their on camera skills in efforts to become better presenters and entertainers.

Monthly updates - Just like an app, we update the software on a monthly basis, and try to add cool new features without disrupting the harmony of the table games. Last update, for example, we added a cool new roulette design where you can actually see live statistics on table.

In your opinion are there particular types of live casino game that are exploding in popularity?

The most popular game in the western world today is Live Roulette, we believe the current offering in the live dealer industry is not enough and therefore we are working on a new exciting twist that we plan to introduce later this year and hope will be a game changer.

Live Casino is majorly popular in Asia, what kind of markets are you covering right now and what kind of markets are you planning to cover in the nearest future?

You are correct, live dealer certainly dominates the Asian markets and where the primary focus is on Baccarat. Having said that, we continue to see a steady growth in the European market for live dealer products. Many operators are looking for fresh new content in the form of interactive, live games.

At the moment our strongest market is in Europe but have a growing fan base in Asia, and are in the process of making a transition into the social realm with some of the leading players in the industry.

Are there any unique peculiarities in LuckyStreak live casino that help you stand out from your competitors? What are they?

Dealers - Dealers can make or break any live casino, no matter how technologically advanced the software. At the end of the day, the player logs in to a live game to be around other people – noticed and acknowledged.

Developers - Amazing, on site development team

Innovation - We strive to be the most innovative, most up to date casino software on the market.

Where will you be focusing your efforts from a product perspective during 2016?

We are looking to develop a more robust platform catering to our clients requests and customisations. More games, better technology and of course deliver best user experience.

You have recently signed a contract with Slotegrator, how do you see this cooperation in future?

Yes, we did and I am very happy about this deal. Slotegrator guys are very professional and easy to work with. We share same business vision and don't see any reasons why not to make it a long and successful cooperation.

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