Analysis of competative online casino sites: Core indicators

Every year, a popularity of online casinos is growing all around the world. Gambling portals are rapidly emerging, tightening a competition in the network.

Every gambling Internet project’s success is influenced by various factors. It is strongly recommended to take into account new trends, technical capabilities, gaming portfolio, as well as marketing activities of other gambling sites, while developing your own one.

Consequently, it is mandatory to constantly analyze competitors’ websites nowadays. This data will allow you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to promptly determine: what should be changed, what you should seek and in what direction to move.

Experts of the Slotegrator company that has been operating in the field of consulting, development and implementation of advanced solutions for gambling business, conducted an overview on the main indicators of site analysis. It observes aspects, considered as the most important, what they are needed for and what should be pointed out.

Moreover, the Slotegrator’s team of professionals gives a short guidance which will help to make a research process less time consuming and more effective.

Basic site statistics

Statistics analysis is exactly what you need to start researching your competitor’s website.

Traffic statistics is considered as one of the main indicators of the “blown” web resource of competitor. In order to understand how demanded another online casino site is, you need to carefully analyze a number of key indicators.

The following table provides statistical monitoring sites where you can obtain the necessary data.

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
Domain Age
Number of indexed pages in Google and Yandex
Loading speed of web pages

Let’s take a look why every indicator is so important.

  • Domain Age affects web site’s position and level of trust in search engines. The older site, the higher its existing indicators or, in their absence, there are more opportunities to increase them.
  • Number of indexed pages shows how large competitor’s site is. It is also visible what search engine prevails and indexes a site better than another system. Sometimes it happens that Google index has several times more web pages than in Yandex. This usually means that the site is mostly focused on Google, however, sometimes it can also indicate an error – when some sections of robots.txt are unavailable in Yandex.
  • Recently, website’s loading speed has also become a very important factor. Search systems do not rank slow sites on high positions.  Nowadays, users do not prefer to wait long loading time, so that they just skip it and go to another site. Therefore, it is necessary to pay a special attention to this indicator. The mentioned Google service also gives useful recommendations for speeding up.

PageSpeed Insights

Traffic analysis

Next, all incoming traffic of opponent’s site should be carefully analyzed. This information will give you an understanding of:

  • from which sources and resources players come to competitor’s online casino;
  • their geographical location;
  • what is the dynamics of traffic by time, days of the week, months;
  • which pages are frequently visited, etc.

The traffic analysis consists of several stages; we will consider each of them in more detail.

1. Basic statistics

It shows a number of unique visitors to the site, in other words - incoming traffic.

A unique visitor is a special unit of measurement used to evaluate the Internet site’s popularity. This is a one-of-a-kind user, in our case - a person who came to the online casino, who has unique characteristics and unique IP address.

Typically, the number of unique visitors can be learned from the web analytics system or the traffic statistics. However, many gambling resources are hiding their indicators of visits in order to complicate their competitor’s investigation. Nevertheless, there are still several ways to find it out.

When analyzing the statistics of unique visitors, one must understand that not all online casino visitors are players. Attendance is a general concept showing how many people have visited a certain web site.

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
  • Number of visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Pageview rate
  • Average time at the site
  • Geography

2. Sources of traffic/channels

The term "Traffic" has the same meaning as "Attendance", as the traffic is a flow of visitors to your competitor’s web resource. It is important to understand the reasons underlying their visits there. These can be attributed to, for example, promotions or bonus programs.

Traffic Sources

Therefore, a traffic sources observation is one of the major points of Internet statistics. They can be divided into the following groups:

  • Direct transitions (direct traffic). That is when a site is saved by user in his bookmarks or a domain name is directly entered into the address bar.
  • Search engines traffic (search traffic). This means people search sites by keywords entered in the search bar of Google, Yandex, or others, and follow the links suggested by them.
  • Referral traffic. Transitions through links posted on various Internet resources.
  • Advertising. Transitions through advertisements.
  • E-mail. Referrals in e-mails. It is possible to receive such traffic through proper newslatters.

There are few ways to determine how users come to a certain competitive site as below:

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
  • Search engines
  • Social networks
  • Media advertising
  • Referral visits
  • Direct visits
  • e-mail

3. Key requests bringing the traffic to competitor

Entering a request in search system, user wants to find a specific site or relevant information.

Therefore, the investigation of major requests is another necessary stage during the opponent’s site analyzing.

Every SEO-expert knows that when working with traffic the most important thing is to attract only targeted visitors to the site. They are considered as potential players of online casino. This determines a quality of traffic. Thus, it is necessary to select targeted keywords, use them in the website in order to promote it.

In turn, the availability of high-quality traffic through information requests can positively affect the website promotion in general, raise its "visibility" in search engines, as well as convert information traffic to the targeted one.

You can define basic requests using the following tools:

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
Most visited competitor’s pages

Identification of main web pages bringing the most traffic

This information will make it clear which sections of website and games of competitor are most demanded, as well as actions and special programs attracting players’ attention.

Having analyzed the incoming traffic and webpages with the maximum number of visits, you can identify the main landing pages and their content.

Identification of main web pages bringing the most traffic

The landing page is also called as “destination page”. This is the page of website that users come to by clicking on any link at: search engines, ads, social networks, or blogs. Landing pages are created, first of all, in order to obtain a maximum traffic. SEO-specialists pay great attention to optimization and promotion of such pages: they launch advertising on them, post them in social networks, etc.

Also, the landing page should encourage users to act - start a game, make a deposit, take part in a tournament, etc.

The following resources will help to identify them:

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
The most visted webpages of competitor

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Analysis of reference mass

Reference mass is a number of external links from external resources. The more external links, the higher position of website on the Internet. It should be borne in mind that current search engines evaluate not only the number of links, but also the quality of resources where they are located.

You can determine it by the total of TrustRank. Many well-known services allow you to check it, but each one has its own name: Domain and Page Rank in Ahrefs, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow in Majestic SEO service, and many others. You can also focus on a thematic index of citing at the site - TIC in Yandex (the higher, the better). Until recently, we have used the PR metric by Google, but it's not available for now.

Analysis of reference mass

This analysis is needed to understand which resources will be applied by a competitor to promote his site and how effective they are.

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
Reference mass and indicator of its quality

The analysis of the reference mass can be divided into several stages. Let's consider each of them.

1. Backlinks

These are active hyperlinks leading to a competitor's website from various Internet resources. In general, everything that is called references is essentially hyperlinks. But according to the established terminology, the word "links" is usually used in the professional environment.

They are one of the main factors of ranking, so it is also important to analyze them. They can be of two types: natural and artificial.

Presence of natural hyperlinks means that site has qualitative content, its relevance and respected audience. They are mostly hosted by "third-party" users who are interested in the Internet resource. Such links can be found on thematic forums, in comments to articles, in media news, bloggers' content, etc. The better people know the site, the more natural links will appear on the web.

Artificial backlinks are hyperlinks which were purchased.

Therefore, it is important to analyze presence and quality of competitor’s references. Then it becomes obvious: whether he buys links in reference exchanges, promotes his online casino through affiliates, posts thematic articles, or simply spams in social networks and forums. This will help in planning your own website promotion strategy.

2. Anchor list

Anchor is a certain word or phrase in the reference that is pressed by user to enter a website. Anchor list includes:

  • All phrases and words used in references leading to the site;
  • Frequency of use of each reference indicating the address of page.

Analysis of competitor’s anchor list is considered as one of the important methods. Information on anchors’ allocation at other online casinos will help to identify the maximum effective phrases and words, and then use them to promote a gaming resource.

Quantifiable Indicators Tool
Backlinks and anchors
and others

3. Types of references (links)

While conducting reference mass analysis, it is essential to distribute links according to their types and kinds. There are a huge variety of them. Here are the basic ones:

  • References can be active and inactive. It is enough just to click an active one to make a transition to the site. In case of an inactive link, user can see only a URL text. It is nessesary to copy and paste it into the address bar of browser to enter the site.
  • References can also be divided into direct and indirect. A direct link leads directly to the site. An indirect link is made through a redirect, and when the user clicks on it, he enters an intermediate page, which redirects it to a desired portal. Indirect links have a minimal effect on the final site in terms of referential weighting. But they bring additional visitors to the online casino, if provided by popular resources.
  • Links can be anchor and non-anchor ones. An anchor link refers to a particular word or a phrase that, when clicked, leads to the site. Non-anchor one is a link that is a simple Internet address of one of the pages.
  • There are also graphic links. This is a kind of image/picture by clicking on which you enter the site.
  • There are open links available for indexing by search engines; And closed links - do not allow search engines to take them into account in the general indexation.
  • Natural and unnatural links. The first one appears on the network without your participation, left by other users, or placed by you, at the same time it seems like a natural one. Unnatural link is often purchased on the exchanges or directly from site’s owner.
  • Purchased links, in turn, are divided into rented and eternal ones. Rented links are charged every month, eternal – only once. The last ones need to be constantly monitored as, sometimes, unscrupulous webmasters remove them after a while.

Mobile version of website

Since mobile Internet has started its development, it is simply nesseccary to adjust any online gambling project to it. Therefore, finding out what is used by other portals is also an important stage in the analysis of the competitive environment.

First of all, you need to understand what exactly was implemented by a competitor: adaptive design, mobile version or mobile application.

  • Adaptive design is a function that allows the site to adapt to a resolution of different screens of smartphones and tablets. This is achieved through the use of special imposition tools and design.
  • Mobile version is an upgraded version of the site, designed specifically for launching on mobile devices. Its main difference from the basic version of the site - weight, simplicity, convenience and download speed. Therefore, the mobile version partially limits the functionality and lacks some of the features - only the most important information is available without unnecessary details. It automatically adapts to the expansion of various screens, and its design and navigation correspond to the original source.
  • A mobile application is special software installed by user on his mobile device. It is based on a specific mobile platform, for example: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc., and also completely repeats stylistics, important functionality, and game assortment of the main site of online casino.

Analysis of site content

The final stage of researching is a competitor's content analysis.

In addition to the gambling range and design, you need to pay attention to:

  • functionality and interface;
  • interesting and attractive graphic elements of web design;
  • structure of the site, navigation, content;
  • how pages with promotions and bonus programs are decorated, and how they attract the attention to online casinos;
  • which schticks are used - various useful functions to make website convinient and intuitive.

Take the best from competitors

Slotegratot’s experts note that analyzing of online casino sites is good to use them as a source of ideas for the development of their own project.

However, there is no point to get involved with this too much. To become successful, any gambling portal must adhere to its own development strategy and promoting online casino; maintain individuality and client-orientedness.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to continuously analyze the competitive environment. This will help to effectively use the strong qualities of competitors for your own benefit, making your online casino better and more successful.

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