Gaming business is rapidly gaining momentum. There are more and more online casinos cropping up in the gambling market striving to move to the fore. In such a heavy competition, online casino operators are seeking the most effective ways to promote their business. One of the solutions is affiliate networks.

Article summary

  1. What is CPA?
  2. How does CPA network work?
  3. The main advantages of working with CPA networks
  4. How to choose CPA affiliate network?
  5. How does CPA network work with online casinos?
  6. Revenue sharing
  7. What is the difference between the Revenue Share model and Cost Per Action?
  8. Examples of profitable affiliate networks for online casinos

Especially popular today are advertising models as CPA and Revenue Share. Thus, we have decided to get an article out to explain you as an operator what a CPA network is, how to make use of it to maximum advantage for online casinos. In the end of the material, we have outlined 4 profitable affiliate programs for your special benefit.

What is CPA?

CPA is decoded as Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. It is a model of advertising on the Internet, when an advertiser pays for a certain activity committed by a user on a particular web resource: completing the forms on the website, subscribing to the email newsletter, making a deposit, etc.

It is widely thought that this type of affiliate marketing is quite complicated and distressed. However, if you get to the bottom of CPA and apply the right marketing strategy, you can gain the maximum benefit from the affiliate program for your e-business.

How does CPA network work?

The standard CPA consists of a company that needs lead generation (targeted customer activity), web publishers who provide traffic acquisition platforms, and a network that goes between both. Thus, the affiliate network provides different offers for publishers. However, before entering into a partnership, their web resources are moderated by the network.

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