White Label casino: will it solve all your problems?

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What comes first — the platform or the license? Or maybe both? Where should you get those games? What about player support? And how much does it cost to integrate those chats? Don’t waste time worrying — focus on KPIs, plan your marketing, and analyse opportunities to expand your business. The rest can be delegated to the provider when you purchase a White Label casino.

What is White Label?

Running a business is complicated and time-consuming. White label products and solutions are common in many industries as a way to save time and simplify business development and operation. To decide whether a White Label solution is right for your gambling business, it helps to take a close look at how the business model works. Imagine operating under the umbrella of a bigger, more established company that takes responsibility for some aspects of your business. For example, while it would still be your unique project, you would operate under your supplier’s license instead of getting one of your own.

If this sounds like the right model for your business, keep reading and learn everything you need to know about White Label casinos.

What is included in the solution?

White Label solutions are a well-known form of cooperation that provides a business with a set of services. Slotegrator includes the following services in this set:

Simply put, a White Label casino is a technical and business solution for iGaming businesses.

First of all, a White Label supplier provides an operator with a sublicense under its own license.

Gambling licenses are necessary to operate in regulated markets, but they can also be very difficult to acquire. A regulator might refuse to issue a license for any number of reasons, from a mistake on an application form to a tarnished tax history — but the outcome is the same: time and money are wasted and the operation doesn’t get the legitimacy it needs. In comparison, your White Label supplier can simply provide you with a sublicense. This way you are covered by a main licensee in the eyes of both regulators and customers, and you can skip the hassle of obtaining a license on your own. 
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Besides the obvious advantage of spending less time and money on the application, gambling sublicenses grant access to markets where an online casino can freely offer its services and accept players. It also opens up a world of gaming content developers and payment method providers that would not work with you otherwise. 

Payment systems are also included in the White Label casino solution. Slotegrator provides its Moneygrator solution separately for its clients, but White Label sublicensees get it in the package, saving them time and money.

When it comes to games, the White Label provider plays the role of content aggregator. This means you won’t have to integrate each game one by one, wasting your time and effort and cooperating with a random selection of providers. You sign one contract and your games come together with the online casino platform itself.

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15 March, 2022
Why work with an iGaming solution aggregator?

Platform software, including the back end and the front end, is also a part of White Label set of services. This part of the White Label package handles all the technical aspects of the operation. With a high-quality platform, issues such as technical errors, problems with transactions, loading speed, website navigation mistakes, and slow player support don’t have to be handled as they come up but are rather ironed out during the development stage. In addition to smooth functionality, White Label casinos also include design and web hosting.

As previously mentioned, player support is also included in Slotegrator’s White Label solution upon agreement. Our team decided to provide projects with all the necessary chats and other channels — meaning the supplier and not the operator is in charge of communication — when we realised that player support is very time-consuming but has to work smoothly from day one.

Additionally, the services include all the technical support that operators need.

Once your platform is developed and regulatory requirements are satisfied, you’re ready to launch and promote your project. White Label projects are hosted on their own domains with exclusive designs, including a unique logo. Operators advertise their websites to players, introduce their own bonus policies, create special offers and promo campaigns, and organize tournaments and draws for prizes.The Partnergrator module from Slotegrator will handle affiliate management and analysis, and a bonus module will help you attract new players and keep the loyal ones.

Who can get a White Label solution

The White Label concept is an ideal option for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to bring a new gambling project to the market in a short period of time. Some of the main advantages of the White Label solution are:

  • A single package — a quick and comprehensive solution saves time, money, and effort compared to purchasing each service separately.
  • Business and technical solution — good for experienced operators who know what they are expecting and make it easier for the supplier to provide these services.

This solution opens up new opportunities for experienced business people to expand into a new field.

White Label solutions accelerate the preparation and launch process for online casino operators, since they purchase the whole organization and only partly participate in the process — they are not required to obtain a license, buy software, and deal with all legal issues. However this package is not for everyone: the provider company in this case takes a significant legal responsibility for the actions of the operator, exposing them to the risk of the operator’s failure.
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For this reason, White Label suppliers prefer to cooperate with experienced casino operators, a principle Slotegrator follows as a rule. However, aspiring first-time operators have a perfectly viable option in the Turnkey solution, which covers all the technical aspects of the platform. Other services, like license acquisition or company incorporation, can be ordered separately.

White Label and Turnkey solutions: what to choose

As mentioned earlier, our White Label casino not only covers all technical aspects of an online casino project, but also takes care of administrative, legal, tax, and other business needs. On the other hand, operators who would rather be behind the wheel than riding shotgun might go for a purely technical solution that includes the platform but leaves them in control of everything else.

Slotegrator offers both options. We have developed two different sets of online casino services according to operators’ experience and demands. Our White Label casino and Turnkey platform are similar in many aspects, but there are several different details to keep in mind.

White Label


Software development (platform functions and design)

Software development (platform functions and design)

Regular updates and 24/7 support 

Regular updates and 24/7 support 

Gaming content (APIgrator)

Gaming content (APIgrator)

Payment systems (including cryptocurrencies)

Payment systems (including cryptocurrencies)

Marketing (Bonusgrator and Partnergrator)

Marketing (Bonusgrator and Partnergrator)

Curacao sublicense


Operation under the legal entity of Slotegrator


For experienced operators*

For everyone*

B2C player support**

B2C player support**

* Slotegrator provides White Label only for operators with experience in the iGaming industry.

** Slotegrator provides technical and legal B2B support for all its clients. However, White Label client operators can also be provided with B2C player support in the package upon request.

How to get a White Label solution

Our White Label casino includes both purchasing online casino infrastructure itself and monthly royalties — payments in the form of revenue share. The final price depends on the project’s specific terms and package of additional services. Moreover, experts from Slotegrator take into account a couple of factors that potential operators should consider in order to create a successful project.
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A White Label provider company can solve many issues, but one thing it can’t take care of is your direction of business development. Knowing some general information is crucial in the very beginning for both your business and a solution provider — this is the starting point for your future cooperation. First of all, ask yourself several fundamental questions:

  1. What is your overall budget?
  2. How much are you ready to spend on marketing?
  3. What marketing strategy will you use to promote your project?
  4. How are you going to bring in traffic?
  5. What team do you have?
  6. What market are you planning to enter?

A detailed business plan will go a long way when purchasing a White Label solution: your vision for your project will help you and the provider organize every aspect of your business to maximize your chances of achieving the results you’re aiming for. Your region of operation will determine what payment methods would be best for your casino, as well as the game providers and types of games you will probably offer. Your casino name and technical specifications will also have to be submitted before you start the preparation process.

How to start an online casino with Slotegrator’s White Label solution 

Once all the plans are made and all the questions are answered, it’s time to get in touch with Slotegrator. At this stage, you’ll discuss the conditions of the agreement, including the platform’s price, commission rates, monthly payouts, and other financial details. Sublicense, payment and game providers, platform features and details are also addressed.

The development process can take as little as three months to complete, at which point the project is ready for operation. Additionally, Slotegrator will incorporate the company, acquire a sublicense, design the website, fill it with games and payment solutions, integrate player support (if agreed upon in advance), and submit a ready-to-launch, branded online casino. Then the operator can get to work promoting the project.

Launching a gambling platform with Slotegrator is the right choice for those who have a limited budget and timeframe but a clear vision for their business. Our White Label casino provides:

  • Rapid launch: Operators get a ready-to-launch casino platform in three months or less.
  • Minimal paperwork: Operators skip the long and complicated license acquisition process, as the experts at Slotegrator take care of it themselves.
  • Games and payment systems: The contracts with game and payment system providers are conducted directly by Slotegrator. The company integrates the full list of available gaming content providers and payment systems relevant to the market of operation.
  • Customized design: The platform’s design and features are developed according to clients’ technical specifications.
  • Cost-efficient solution: Operators can take the money they save on license acquisition, as well as game content and payment system integration, and invest it into promotion campaigns.

If you would like to purchase a White Label solution or learn more about the difference between White Label and Turnkey solutions, as well as about additional services Slotegrator offers, get in touch with our sales team.

Petr Stehlik
Petr Stehlik
In 2016, I graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. The main area of law on which I focused both during and after my university studies is software law (and intellectual property in general). After graduating from the university, I briefly worked at a medium-sized law firm in Prague, but in 2018 I joined Slotegrator, where I have been working ever since and where I handle the company’s day-to-day legal matters.
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