Owners of popular information resources providing the latest news of gambling are frequently thinking about opening their own online casinos. In this case, White Label seems to be a perfect solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it brings an opportunity of becoming an affiliate or an owner of a gambling house right away. In this review Slotegrator will explain in greater detail about its White Label projects, their advantages and prospects. We have also answered some of the questions that might occur in the mind of a beginner online casino operator at the initial stage of operation.

Article summary

  1. What is White Label
  2. From an owner of a popular information resource to a White Label casino operator
  3. Benefits
  4. Things aspiring White Label operators should know
  5. Special features of White Lable casinos
  6. Conclusion

What is White Label

White Label casinos are provided only by major gambling enterprises. White Label already encompasses a ready-to-use set of gambling features that includes the following components:

  • A gambling license that officially permits operation on the gambling market;
  • Gambling software and hardware;
  • Gaming content;
  • Сustomer support systems.

Such a project can be launched absolutely legally in a relatively short time at minimum expense.

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