In this review Slotegrator has made an analysis of how legislation affects iGaming worldwide, in particular, the way this kind of business adapts and reacts to the slightest changes in lawmaking, as well as what should be expected in the near future.

Article summary

  1. Worldwide gambling
  2. Legislative practice
  3. Different approaches to legislation
  4. Legalization of online gambling
  5. Development of certain areas of gambling driven by prohibition of the rest
  6. The outcomes of legalization of cryptocurrencies
  7. Taxation
  8. State monopoly
  9. Conclusion

Worldwide gambling

The iGaming industry has shown signs of sustainable growth. Year by year percentage of online gambling is increasing in terms of total revenue of iGaming worldwide. Back in 2014, the share of online gambling accounted for 8, 8%, while in 2015 this number increased up to 9,6%, followed by 10,9% in 2016.

Online gambling growth dynamics

According to the H2 Gambling Capital research group, betting prevails in the general structure of online gambling in 2016, followed by casinos, lotteries and similar types of entertainment.

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