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Live dealer games in online casino: Roulette, poker, and other games

Nikolaj Plugatar
February 13, 2024
28 min

For many questions, one answer: we have prepared a full guide to the world of live dealer casino games. The iGaming industry is rapidly changing, and for an online casino platform to succeed, it needs to satisfy its players’ demands by offering the best casino content available. Live casino is a next-generation alternative to real offline casinos, with a lot of benefits for players — find out everything you need to know right here.

About this article

Live dealer games are already a basic requirement among online casino players. Offering diverse gaming content on a platform is widely seen as integral to good player acquisition and retention strategies. While each target audience has its own demands depending on different player preferences, live dealer games are popular across the globe.

Slotegrator has years of experience in the industry, and is closely following how live dealer games are becoming more and more popular among online casino operators. By this point, you could almost say that players are getting spoiled — classic slots and sports betting are great, but they are not always enough anymore, especially for experienced players.

Whether or not to have live games on a platform is not a question anymore: the growing success of live dealer game developers speaks for itself. As we never miss an opportunity to help our readers, we’ve decided to provide you with this educational article covering every aspect of live casino games and explaining why they are definitely worth adding to your platform.

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What is a live casino?

Live casino is an online casino platform that offers a real land-based casino experience. This concept exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the widespread closure of all entertainment events and establishments. Players enjoy their favorite games, interact with other players and casino dealers, and experience all the thrilling emotions normally found only in a real casino from their own homes. Live casino platforms offer live dealer games, including table games, card games, and lotteries.

Compared to typical online casinos, it’s as close to the real thing as you can get without actually having to be there.

What are live dealer games?

The main advantage of live dealer games is that they are played online, at any time, and from any place. They also perfectly simulate a real land-based casino, giving players a luxury casino experience in the comfort of their own home.

Players have different motives and preferences when playing online casino games. Socializing and communication in entertainment are among the most common reasons people gather at the gaming table. Live casinos provide human interaction by letting players chat with the dealers and the other players.

Experienced players will appreciate the quality of the visuals and the professionalism of the dealers, but there’s even more than that. Live casinos also provide players with a level of security that they need, without sacrificing the emotional side of the casino experience. Just like in an actual casino, the dealers interact with the players, answering their questions and helping them. This creates increased levels of player trust. The live communication gives users a feeling of control and legitimacy; they are not playing with a machine — there is someone real behind the cameras.

Live dealer games include not only table games, but also live lotteries, card games, and bingo. Roulette is considered to be the most popular among live casino lovers. The games are sometimes modified and modernized, and they can also be customized for the purposes of online casino brand awareness.

How does it work?

Live casino is basically an imitation of a real casino streamed from a studio.

Live dealers, who are either professional croupiers or specially trained TV hosts, run the game and keep up friendly communication with the players. The design of the interior is based on the luxurious and spacious game floors of brick-and-mortar establishments, and the studios are fully equipped with modern technology, providing the highest possible quality of sound and video. The games are available any time, and can be private or played by several users.

The modern, tasteful studios are equipped with several wide-angled HD cameras, strategically placed around the space — some of them zoomed in — to provide players with different views, letting them see every detail of the action. This creates a feeling of security and transparency, but also gives users a full picture of gameplay, making the experience even more realistic.

As a result, you receive a great picture and a real casino atmosphere, together with exciting gameplay. Today's powerful technology allows games to be adapted for all types of electronic devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. Live casino software developers often empower their platforms with flexible software compatible with any payment system.

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Live dealer casino laws and regulations

Live dealer game laws vary in different jurisdictions according to market regulations, and we at Slotegrator recommend conducting proper research before you start or expand your business.

Our interactive map of gambling regulations helps operators to investigate the legal status of online and land-based casinos and sportsbooks in various countries of the world. Start your research here and find out whether gambling activity is allowed and regulated in a chosen jurisdiction.

Keep in mind that gambling age is different in every country, but exclusion and protection of minors is equally important for all of them. Operators should also keep in mind advertisement rules for gambling activities and acquire only certified live games.

Comparison of live dealer games and regular online casinos

Online casinos offer players the comfort of using games of chance from anywhere and anytime. Live casinos add another important value: besides the convenience of gambling via phone, live casinos enable real communication and human interaction.

Online casino games are developed in a studio and integrated into a platform in a ready-to-play format. They are based on RNG (Random Number Generator) technology, but their style, theme, and gameplay are pre-determined. On the other hand, live dealers are actually live, meaning that even though the game is also developed based on RNG, and its style is determined, the gaming experience is purely real and is affected by interaction between players and dealers.

Advantages of live casino

Today, with so many types of iGaming content on the market, it might be hard to figure out what you want to see on your platform and what doesn’t need to be there. We at Slotegrator have years of experience and can offer you consultation regarding this question. Here are some reasons you should consider having live dealer games on your platform:

  • Live dealer games increase player acquisition. They are extremely attractive for new players, and can be used as a cross-selling tool — you can bring players to your platform by offering them live casino games, then show them what else you have. Live casino also allows multiple customization options, including the placement of your promotions in the studio!
  • People’s social lives are moving online more and more. A study by GSMA Intelligence found that by 2030, 72% of the world’s population will use the internet to socialize, compared to 53% today. This increasing rate of internet socialization indicates that solitary casino games will be less likely to meet the desires of a market increasingly looking for human interaction; chatting with the dealer and the other players creates a feeling of community that online slots don’t provide.
  • Live casino will help you target players across generations. Experienced players who are used to visiting land-based casinos can be transferred to the online space with something they already know and like, and the younger ones are already online — so why not give them the classics in a way they’re used to?
  • Live dealer games offer a wide variety of content, allowing operators to appeal to different player segments. Adding live blackjack, poker, or roulette to an online casino will add some much-needed variety to its game portfolio. Some developers also offer innovative new games. And options matter — the choices offered by live dealer games could be a determining factor when players are choosing an online casino.
  • Innovation and accessibility are also important for online casino content. Companies such as Evolution Gaming offer inventive new games like MONOPOLY Live and Deal or No Deal, which can be a great selling point when marketing your brand and acquiring new customers. By introducing innovative new forms of games, live dealer game developers have the potential to reshape the future of online gambling. Technological improvements like faster data speed and better video streaming quality have allowed operators to format live dealer games for smaller screens.
  • Players consider live dealer games more trustworthy. Some players mistrust RNG-based games because they believe they cannot be sure if the game is fair. They consider live dealer games to be more transparent, as they can clearly see the game in progress.

Types of live dealer games

Since live dealer games exploded in popularity around the world, developers have started offering new types of games or modernizing the classic ones to create a greater variety of live content that can satisfy even the most experienced players.

Card games

Many live dealer studios provide live versions of some of the world’s most popular card games. These can include poker, baccarat, and blackjack, as well as the baccarat variant Dragon Tiger. Poker variants like Texas hold ‘em and stud can also be found. There are also different types of blackjack, like Common Draw Blackjack, Early Payout Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack, which has an unlimited number of players.

Live Poker

Live poker is not just playing with a computer, it’s sitting at the table with other real players — with one difference: the table is virtual, and players can access it from the privacy of their homes anywhere in the world. There are many variants of poker and live poker, but among the most popular are Omaha Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 Card Poker, and Texas Hold’em. Poker is a classic, and it’s offered by the most live dealer providers, including Evolution Gaming, XPG, Betgames, Ezugi, Super Spade Games, and HollywoodTV.

Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold’em is a variant of poker and is similar to Texas Hold’em poker. Participants play against the dealer, not each other, with a standard 52-card deck. This game is offered by Vivo Gaming and XPG, for example.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack is another type of live casino game. There are several types, including classic blackjack, infinite blackjack, lightning blackjack, speed blackjack, and free bet blackjack. Super Spade Games, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, XPG, Pragmatic Play, Real Dealer Studio, HollywoodTV, HoGaming, ATMOSFERA offer live blackjack.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a traditional card game played between a player and a banker, and participants can bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. Live baccarat also has several variants, including punto banco baccarat, Super 6 baccarat, mini baccarat, three card baccarat and other options. Super Spade Games, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, XPG, Betgames, Real Dealer Studios, HoGaming, Swintt offer live Baccarat.

Casino table games

Craps and dice duel are both popular dice games that are commonly offered by live dealer game studios. The simple, classic game Sic Bo can also easily be found. Many live dealer studios offer both the American and European versions of roulette, the famous casino game with a single ball and a spinning wheel. Of course, for players who love their slots no matter what, some studios offer live dealer slots.

Live Craps

Evolution Gaming offers live craps, which is an authentic fast-paced game with the main point to predict the outcome of the dice roll, which can happen right after the first roll or require as many rolls as it takes to make a correct guess.

Live Dice Duel

The dealer shuffles the dice in a dice-box, then throws them on a table. The player bets on the color and number of the top side of each dice. Live Dice Duel is the same game where the dealers stand in front of the camera and present the game to players being anywhere in the world. You can find Dice Duel in Betgames’ portfolio.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a relatively easy game — players are supposed to guess the value of the dice that are thrown by a dealer. This game is very popular across the globe — you can find live versions of Sic Bo in portfolios of many providers including Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, XPG, Real Dealer Studios, Vivo Gaming, and HoGaming.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a classic table game. There are two types of roulette: European and American. They differ in the number of pockets (0 to 36 in European and 00 to 36 in American), but they have the same principle of gameplay. The croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball, then he or she calls the winning bet. The only difference with live roulette is that everything happens on the screen, and the player is anywhere but a physical establishment. The following list of gambling providers offer live roulette: Super Spade Games, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, XPG, Pragmatic Play, Real Dealer Studios, HollywoodTV, HoGaming, Swintt, eBET, ATMOSFERA, and Enjoy Gaming.


Lotteries and other lottery-style games are widely offered by live dealer studios. Bingo, lotto, and keno all come in live versions where players can experience the excitement of watching the dealer call out the winning combinations.

Live Bingo

Live bingo is based on RNG technology and the numbers generated are presented by live people online. Bingo is one of the oldest and most simple-to-play games, leading to its enduring popularity. Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, and Lotto Instant Win are among those providers who offer live bingo for online casino operators.

Live Lotto

Lotto is a game of chance where players have to guess the winning numbers. It is basically a live streaming of draws — Super Lotto and Lotto Instant Win offer live lottos.

Wheel Games

Many of our online casino games providers offer wheel games, such as Wheel of Fortune from XPG, Classic Wheel and Mega Wheel from Betgames, WheelBet from HollywoodTV, and Music Wheel from ATMOSFERA.

Slotegrator’s online casino platform is constantly updated and replenished with new features and functions. One of our latest updates was the Wheel of fortune. Read more about the platform modules in this article and feel free to contact us for more details.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a simple and quick game from Evolution Gaming where the wheel is divided into 54 equal segments marked with a number and color for each number, a live dealer spins this wheel, and players bet on the segment they believe the wheel will stop on.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is another live wheel game from Evolution Gaming, developed on the basis of the Dream Catcher and RNG technology. It offers multipliers and bonus games, remaining highly immersive.

Monopoly Live

MONOPOLY is one of the most popular board games in the world that has a huge variety of styles, themes, and variations. Evolution Gaming developed a live version of MONOPOLY taking Dream Catcher as the base and adding MONOPOLY elements into it. A dealer spins a vertically mounted wheel and players predict the winning segment. Some segments activate a captivating, augmented reality, or a 3D Bonus game. MONOPOLY Live became so popular and in-demand that it won EGR’s Game of the Year 2019 and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is a variant game by Pragmatic Play where a super-sized wheel with 54 multi-coloured segments offers a corresponding payout for every winning segment. Mega Wheel offers one number in each round of spins that is selected randomly — the Mega Lucky Number, which boosts players’ winnings up to a 500 times their bet.

Fortune Finder

Fortune Finder is a variant series of Wheel of Fortune games from Real Dealer Studios based on RNG technology and presented in the form of pre-recorded video clips.

New types

Apart from well-known classic games, live dealer developers are also searching for new ways to incorporate other elements of iGaming into their products. For example, Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice add stunning visuals while incorporating the RNG that online slot players are already familiar with. After players place their bets, one or more of the possibilities are struck at random by “lightning”, adding a large multiplier if the player’s choice is struck and then the player wins.

Popular live games by world market

Live dealer games are increasingly reliable sources of revenue for online casino platform operators. According to data from H2 Gaming Capital, the live dealer sector alone is worth $1.2 billion annually, and some sources have indicated that as much as 25% of their online casino revenue could be coming from live dealer games.

Simply put, players love them, and tend to choose platforms that offer both standard versions and live dealer games. Blackjack and roulette are considered to be the most popular games in all markets.

However, it is always good to do research on a particular market before you select the games for your platform. This will help you offer the ones with the highest level of demand. Your research should also include what games are allowed in which regions — and at the end of the day, you need to make sure your content is certified for the market you’d like to target.


One of the first markets where live dealer casino games really took off in popularity was the Asian market, and China in particular. Initially, there was a cultural mistrust of the RNG that governs the outcomes of online slot games. Live dealer games were seen as an acceptable alternative, as a dealer turning over cards is more transparently fair than an unseen mechanism. Among the most popular games are Live Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, and Super Sic Bo, which are hosted by dealers in Asian-style dress in studios with Asian-inspired decor.

Eastern Europe

Blackjack, poker, and roulette are very popular throughout Eastern Europe. According to Evolution, game shows also drive amazing conversion rates for new players. Operators in the Eastern European region make very effective use of marketing promotions such as cashback, tournaments, and welcome bonuses to attract players and incentivise them to keep playing.

Western Europe

Gambling has long been popular in the United Kingdom, and the country’s well-regulated environment is seeing particular growth in the online sector, so it should come as no surprise that the country is one of the top markets for online casino games with live dealers. Sweden can almost be viewed as the motherland of live dealer online casino games — revenues from online casinos in general and live dealer games in particular remain higher than in many other countries.

While operators have a wide range of options to choose from, as all types of games are popular in Europe overall, smaller brands will find it difficult to penetrate the market and retain players. They often prefer to initiate their strategy with live casino games and then use it as a cross-selling tool.


Gambling is still restricted throughout the US, but increasing numbers of states are deciding to regulate. States that have chosen to regulate, like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are already becoming significant markets for live dealer games, and operators that have expanded into those markets are already seeing positive results.

Additionally, players in states that have yet to regulate gambling often play live dealer games through online platforms based in other jurisdictions. One drawback of the US market is that operators are limited to a basic game selection. Live casino studios must be located in the state where they operate, and setting up studios in multiple states would see expenses add up very quickly.

Africa and India

As in many other countries, live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker are very popular in South Africa. However, this is despite the fact that the regulatory landscape is unfavorable to operators. While gambling is very popular throughout the country, and it boasts the highest gambling revenues in Africa, online casino games are illegal, and players can only find them on offshore sites.

India, with its massive population, high GDP, and growing middle class, is considered a very tempting emerging market. The legal status of online gambling varies from state to state, and in some it has not yet been decided. Live poker is very popular, as are other games like live baccarat and live blackjack.

How can operators market live dealer content?

Once you know what types of games your audience prefers, you can choose a developer that provides these particular games or cooperate with an aggregator to select and integrate appropriate online casino content for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is your brand awareness. Most live dealer providers allow customization of design, including croupiers' outfits, the interior, logos on tables, and even promotions on big screens placed inside the studios. Operators can often choose a dealer speaking a certain language — so if your target audience is in Latin America, go for a dealer whose native language is Spanish. This could help operators ingratiate themselves with their players, and lead to a higher level of trust.

When choosing the right provider of live casino games, operators should also consider what marketing and promotional tools the provider offers. These are important for the success of the project regardless of the market of operation. Various bonuses, events, and promotions are good for retaining players.

However, their acquisition heavily depends on how well affiliate programs, advertising, social media marketing, and SEO are planned and executed. A/B testing of marketing strategies is also crucially important, since it allows you to find the most effective way to promote your product in a chosen market, and you shouldn’t skip this step. So don’t try to cut corners on marketing and make sure you invest enough to get the job done right.

Live casino games as the future of the iGaming world

  • Feeling of safety and transparency
  • Top-quality entertainment
  • Socializing on a totally new level
  • Real experience from the comfort of home

Live dealers represent safety and legitimacy

It is important that your players feel safe on your platform. Live casino content can play a crucial role in your reputation. Users see a real person running the game, and even have the opportunity to chat with them — and besides, what’s more important than the feeling of being taken care of?

A very realistic online experience

Games are broadcast from modern studios with tables, well-designed interiors, and real equipment. A number of cameras placed all around the space give players the impression of being in a real casino. This goes beyond good visuals — the video stream brings players a real casino experience for both, desktop and mobile screens.

Not just a game — a way to socialize

Users chat with the croupiers, but they also chat with each other. Imagine playing in your home country while another player at the same table is halfway around the world. This goes beyond simple iGaming content — it’s real communication with real people, all engaged in the same gameplay.

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Next level gameplay

The most experienced players and high rollers aren’t easy to entertain, since they’ve seen it all. They go for the best quality games and the most authentic iGaming experience, and won’t settle for less. Live casinos are exactly what they need when classic online slots, sports betting, and lotteries are no longer enough.

Top live dealer providers

Today, with the iGaming industry growing fast, there is a great variety of live dealer game developers. Our team has selected the top providers that we are glad to be partners with.


Founded in 2005, Bratislava-based XPG (formerly XProGaming) has a vision of becoming the world’s leading live dealer game provider. XPG prides itself on its professionalism, transparency, and innovation, and believes that live dealer games are the ultimate replacement for playing in brick-and-mortar casinos. Their studios, located in Romania and Bulgaria, provide a pure and enjoyable live casino experience that streams in HD 24/7.

XPG has a wide selection of live dealer games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Texas hold’em, Caribbean stud poker, multiplayer poker, Andar Bahar, and Wheel of Fortune. XPG has been Slotegrator’s partner since 2018.

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming has been a leading live dealer provider since the company was founded in 2010. The company’s live dealer solutions bring the live casino experience to online gambling platforms and allow land-based casinos to offer their services to remote players.

Vivo Gaming’s studios are located in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Laos, and other regions. The company’s Multi-Game Play window allows players to bet on multiple tables at once. Dealers speak English and/or Spanish, and the user interface is available in over 25 languages. Players can chat with the dealer as well as the other players. The live dealer games offered by Vivo Gaming include roulette, baccarat, craps, Sic Bo, blackjack, Dragon Tiger, and poker. Vivo Gaming has been Slotegrator’s partner since 2017.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has been on the cutting edge of the live dealer casino games market since the company was founded in 2006. The provider offers language-localized live dealer solutions for a variety of different markets. The company’s wide variety of live dealer casino games includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice, Dream Catcher, Super Sic Bo, MONOPOLY Live, and Deal or No Deal Live, the world’s first 24/7 game show. Evolution Gaming has licenses in Malta, Alderney, The United Kingdom, Romania, Belgium, Latvia, British Columbia, and the US (Pennsylvania and New Jersey).

When it comes to industry standing, Evolution Gaming’s awards speak for themselves — they’re one of the most decorated live dealer providers in the business. Evolution also prides itself on close cooperation with governments and regulators. They strive to be one of the first providers in compliance in re-regulated and newly-regulated jurisdictions, helping their partners hit the ground running in the race to dominate emerging markets. Evolution Gaming has been partners with Slotegrator since 2019.

Real Dealer Studios

Real Dealer is a revolutionary new provider of not just live but real casino content with a unique feature: the team of developers works together with professional movie makers to deliver a cinematic experience with high-quality sound and video. This authentic Hollywood feeling guarantees the highest possible level of player engagement. Real Dealer Studios has been Slotegrator’s partner since 2020.

Lotto Instant Win

This company has over 15 years of experience in developing live lotteries that enable fixed-odds betting and multiple draws with a new draw every minute. Six studios in different countries across the globe allow a choice of croupiers speaking different native languages. LIW is popular in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, and Latin America. Lotto Instant Win has been in a partnership with Slotegrator since 2020.


Founded in 2012, BetGames.TV has several offices and studios for streaming live games in different countries. The provider operates in 40 countries and is licensed by Curacao, the UK, and Malta. Certified in Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, IoM, Lithuania, South Africa, and Estonia, BetGames.TV offers nine live dealer games, including three lotteries (Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7), three card games (Bet on Baccarat, Bet on Poker, and War of Bets), and three table games (Dice, Duel Duel, and Wheel of Fortune). BetGames.TV has been Slotegrator’s partner since 2018.


Swintt’s portfolio includes over 70 titles, including live dealer games: roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and Tiger Bonus baccarat. Games are developed with a mobile-first approach; they are responsive and offer a full range of Swintt’s products. Swintt is licensed in Sweden, UK, and Malta.

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games offers live games with HD-quality video, including such classics as Baccarat, Roulette, and Dragon Tiger, but also Andar-Bahar, Live Teen Patti (Indian Flush), Live Three Card Poker, and Casino War — a game similar to poker, where after a bet is made, one card is dealt face up to the player and one to the dealer; if the player's card is higher he wins even money. Games support various currencies, including crypto, and are available in several languages.


ATMOSFERA has reached more than 2.7 million users worldwide. ATMOSFERA’s offer includes high-quality live versions of Keno, Live Roulette, Auto Roulette, Music Wheel, and BlackJack. The studios’ main focus is quality and design, and the company also has a proprietary TV hosts and game presenters academy.

Amusnet Interactive

Amusnet Interactive offers, amongside slots, lotteries, and card games, a range of live dealer roulette games that includes Bulgarian Roulette, Russian Roulette, Vegas Roulette, European Roulette, Speed Roulette, Onyx Roulette, 120x Dynamic Roulette, and Dynamic European Roulette.


OneTouch is another live dealer game provider that is located in the Isle of Man. Games are streamed from Tallinn, in the studio of its partner, Bombay Club. The studio has several different tables for roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, and provides players with a unique entertaining experience with its promos and an option of a multi-table bet.

Skywind Group

Skywind Group offers live dealer games with real time interaction and opportunities to localize and brand the games for online casinos. Skywind offers blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and an exclusive title — Joker’s Wheel.


Another live games provider, eBet, offers Fortune Wheel, Speed Roulette, Fortune Roulette, Sic-Bo, and Bull Bull. The studio also offers “Fantasy Baccarat” where dealers wear different costumes for every time period: an air hostess, a student, a nurse, and many others.


We’re also proud to offer live dealer games from Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, HollywoodTV, Superlotto, HoGaming, Enjoy Gaming, and Livespins.

What Slotegrator can do for operators

Slotegrator is an aggregator and provider of software and solutions for online casinos around the world. With years of experience in the industry, our team is able to help operators through the process, from A to Z, and assist in every step of launching and developing an iGaming project, including legal, technical, and administrative support.

Slotegrator is partnered with all the developers mentioned above and many more, which means we are able to integrate all types of gaming content supporting desktop and mobile devices (as well as marketing and promotional tools) from a variety of providers into your online casino platform — all in one contract! While you are busy counting revenue, we can take care of the rest.

MONOPOLY © 1935, 2020 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Deal or No Deal TM & © 2002, 2020 Endemol Shine IP B.V


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