The profit and development are considered as the most important aspects for any business. To create an effective marketing strategy, first of all, it is necessary to define the product's target audience. Gambling business is not an exception and is subject to general marketing rules. Therefore, for a better understanding of the target audience, online casino operators compose the portraits of gamblers.

Experts of Slotegrator, who are highly-experienced in the sphere of gambling, have described the main defining characteristics of gamblers and marketing tools to influence on them.

Target audience is a success formula in gambling business.

The more accurately the target audience is determined, the more information about it will be collected and the more effective it will be possible to establish ways of influence. This is the matter of engaging the new players and retaining the regular ones. This affects the success of the gambling project.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the preferences and features of the target audience, as well as the gaming activity within the region where you want to run your business.

Only after that it is possible to build an effective marketing strategy which will make your gambling project profitable.

Classification of gamblers

In general, the online casino visitors are segmented by socio-demographic variables, psychological factors and behavioral features. Let's take a closer look at each group:

Socio-demographic variables:

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Education;
  • Income level;
  • Social background;
  • Employment;
  • Nationality;
  • Geographical location.

Psychological characteristics:

  • Character and temperament;
  • Life philosophy;
  • Hobbies and interests;
  • Habits;
  • Motivations;

Behavioral characteristics:

  • Beginners;
  • Advanced;
  • Regulars;
  • Addicts;
  • High-rollers.

Socio-demographic characteristics of online casino players

Let's consider the following socio-demographic indicators for online gamblers classification.

Gender and age

Statistics show that the most frequent online casino visitors are users aged 21 to 45 years. Which is more than 50%. Minors are forbidden to make money bets within many countries, and the operators strictly control the age limit of the players. A small percentage of visitors are between 18 and 21 years old. And about 30% of players are people over 45 years old.

Portrait of online casino player 0

The average online player is 30 years old individual. This is because younger generation has a high level of computer skills. Also, this age group of users is actively using mobile devices. And by this age, as a rule, a person already has more or less stable income allowing him to play for money. 

Initially, gambling was mostly an entertainment for men. However, modern society equals the gender rights in many respects, which has also reflected in gambling.

Nowadays women gamble about the same as men. The ratio of all registered players is similar to the following: 43% - females, 57% - males.

The land based casino situation is slightly different. The main group of players are people whose age is 40 years, and the ratio of men to women, according to some data, is about 1:5 in favor of the male part.

Education, employment and income level

Depending on social and financial indicators, online casino visitors can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Middle class. They are mostly people with higher education, full-time employed and with stable income. Their main reason to gamble is to have fun, and also to try out own game strategies.
  2. Low-income class. They are mostly people with secondary education, low or unstable income. They can have a permanent work or take some odd jobs. Such players strive for easy and fast gains.
  3. Wealthy. The people have a high level of wealth and a respected education. These are special clients with VIP privileges. They are not always ready to provide data on their employment and sources of income. Such players come to online casino to rest and have a good time.

All these three groups of players have different motivations, their requirements to the casino sites are also different, so they are quite difficult to be united into one project. Therefore, it is important for any gambling facility to clearly determine which of the groups will be placed its main focus. 

Territorial location 

The statistics of the players by geographical locations are determined by the data of IP-addresses. Analyzing this indicator, it is possible to identify countries, regions and even places with an increased activity.

Legislative features should also be taken into account. In those states where online gambling is officially banned, it may be difficult to run a gambling business. However, it is usually necessary to get a special gambling license in the countries which allow gambling.

In addition, the activity of online gamblers directly depends on the availability and accessibility of the Internet, as well as the overall level of economic development and population welfare in the country. The higher economic figures, the more active gamblers are.

Therefore, the definition of the territory on which the gambling house will be oriented is also an important task at the stage of project planning.

According to a research company H2 Gambling Capital, the world picture, which shows the activity of online players, today looks as follows: Australia takes the first place, followed by Singapore and Ireland.

However, the USA is a leader by the size of losses, followed by China and Japan. This is due to the fact that in America and Asian countries, a large share of total gambling is taken by land based casinos. That is why the bets and, consequently, losses are traditionally higher.

The general world picture on geographical segmentation in gambling looks as follows:

Portrait of online casino player 1

Portrait of online casino player 2

Portrait of online casino player 3

Psychological characteristics of online casino players

The following indicators are the most important in the psychology of the online casino target audience: game preferences, motivations, as well as determining factors in choosing a gaming house. Let us take a closer look at each criteria.

Game preferences

Today, online casinos provide a huge selection of games to fit every taste. According to statistics, about half of the players visit online casinos to play slot machines. About 30% of players prefer classic gambling such as roulette. Next, according to statistics, there are blackjack, poker, keno, baccarat, etc.


The motives encouraging the players to come to the casino depend on their wealth, gender, place of residence, social status and a number of other factors.

For example, in economically developed countries, visitors of the land-based casinos are often women at the age of 45. They are self-sufficient, active and visit gaming houses to have fun.

The situation is different in those countries where the overall level of income and the economic indicators are much lower. For example, according to the results of a number of researches focused on the gamblers in the Eastern European countries, the following motives were highlighted:

  • 50 – 60% visit the casino to try their fate.
  • About 35% come to have fun and relax.
  • 5 – 10% want to spend time in the company of friends.

Character and temperament

These human factors define the playing style and relate to personal characteristics. All players can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Mathematicians. Those who perceive gambling as a mathematical process based on the probability theory. They try to build various strategies relying solely on the numbers. Such people play according to the plan, they rarely lose control, ignore the emotions and know when to stop. They understand that now you win and in a moment, you lose. Therefore, the adrenaline cannot turn their head.
  2. Intuitionists. These people rely only on their own feelings. The game is something mystical for them. Such people tend to believe in fortune and the possibility of playing up the casino. It is difficult for them to stop and it is almost impossible to plead guilty in their loss. They are very hot-tempered and try to shift the responsibility for their loss on other people, spiritual powers, some circumstances, etc.

Important factors

If the players came to the casino for the sake of winning, than the bonuses, promotions, payouts and everything related to "easy" money plays a critical part for them. Only one thing annoys them very much – the absence of a big win.

However, those visitors who treat the game as a pleasant leisure activity, also require the psychological comfort. Several moments annoy these players:

  • Abundance of advertising banners on the site.
  • Bright colors flickering while playing.
  • Obsessive animations that distract attention.
  • Technical problems: errors, hangs, etc.

Behavioral characteristics of gamblers

Passion for excitement is certainly something that unites all the gamers. However, we all have our own feeling and perception of excitement. This is reflected in a human's actions.

According to the behavioral pattern, all the online casino visitors can be divided into several types:

  1. Beginners. They are still confused with the rules and are not ready to risk. Such visitors play with great care, making small bets. They choose the game for a long time, carefully ponder over each step and don't have any strategy at all. Curiosity and search for new emotions is what usually brings them to the online casino. If the first game was successful for them, they gradually move on.
  2. Advanced. They visit online casinos to enjoy the game itself and entertain. They are not regular visitors, they come to gambling sites from time to time and play all the games. They easily perceive losing and take it as a fee for emotional experience.
  3. Regulars. These are the regular players who are constantly visiting online casinos, at least several times a week. They prefer favorite games, act thoughtfully and prudently. Such visitors play for small sums of money that won't bring much damage to their budget. Whenever they win or lose, they always can stop and control their emotions.
  4. Addicts. Addicted gamblers do not realize what they do. Nowadays, gambling addiction is considered a serious disease along with drug addiction and alcoholism. A human, suffering from this disease experiences a strong psychological addiction to emotions caused by adrenaline and serotonin. This usually happens after a big winning or bonus game. While cooperating with such players, it is important for a gaming house to support the responsible game policy.
  5. High rollers. Users who make big bets. They are often excessively demanding, capricious and unrestrained. They are self-confident and know perfectly well that the casinos will treat their behavior with indulgence for the money they lose. Therefore, this type of gamers needs a special approach.

Marketing impact methods

As recent research of online gambling shows, the number of online-players today is growing at an exponential rate. Online gambling covers more and more new regions and age categories. The female audience is also being actively involved in the game play and does as well as men do.

Female customer engagement to online casinos is achieved with the use of popular TV characters, as well as with the maintaining feminine gambling themes. Social networks is the most successful means of promotion.

Promo offers attract middle-income players who have a certain social background.

Those who strive for easy money set a high value on bonuses and information about easy big wins. This affects their subconscious desire to make money from online casinos. 

VIP-players appreciate good service, personal approach and special privileges.

Addicted players need some restrictions: the amount, the number of bets, and the game duration. They can bring a regular large income to the gaming house, but at the same time, there may be many problems. In those countries where online casinos are legal, there are often legal requirements for gaming houses. Including an unconditional refusal to serve such players.

There may be one more problem – tarnished reputation. People who suffer from addiction are not always sane and often leave a negative feedback about the casino where they lost. 


To achieve the success in online casino development, it is necessary to find the approach to each group of players. Each type of visitors has its own attraction and retention tools.

Slotegrator specialists assist their clients in the gambling projects promotion on the Internet, as well as help determine the target audience and find the effective methods of influence.